UCP Seguin Speak Up Box

Welcome UCP Seguin Participants, Families, and Staff!

This Speak Up Box has been created so that you can submit your anonymous ideas, concerns, and questions online. Type up your thoughts right on your phone or computer. Your suggestions will be emailed directly to Andrea Palm, who will distribute them to the appropriate department heads for follow up.

Your ideas are important and are taken seriously. We realize that not everyone is comfortable making suggestions or reporting issues, for various reasons. For that purpose, we have created a completely anonymous way for you to get your thoughts heard, without any worry of exposure. Absolutely no personal information is submitted or saved. We do encourage you to include your name if you would like a formal response. Please be aware that if you pose a particular issue and do not provide identifying information, it will not be possible to respond to your suggestion.

I look forward to hearing lots of great ideas and to making UCP Seguin a safer place for all!

You can find the Speak Up Box at https://www.suggestionox.com/r/kfNaJv

Andrea Palm

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